IBC is a leading provider of hospitality technologies for independent hotels. Our portfolio of products and services includes the proprietary IBC hotel management platform which offers managed distribution, advanced hotel CRS, and soft brand benefits to the world’s 300,000 independent hotels. 

More than half the world’s hotel properties are independently-owned. Online search has placed all new pressures on the small business owners who run these properties. With IBC, hotels can reclaim their revenue and guest data from the OTAs while maintaining their independence from soft brands and chains.

Finally, independent hotels can take back their bookings. Learn how. Schedule a demo today!

How we got here:

Designed for independent hotels by independent hoteliers, IBC was born from founder Pam Barnhill’s frustration over being denied cost-effective access to enterprise hospitality solutions that served her large corporate competitors.

The final straw was her inability to secure a guest loyalty program for InnSuites Hotel & Suites, an independent collection of hotels in Arizona, California, and New Mexico for which she served as President and COO.

Instead, she hired a development team to create the InnDependent InnCentives guest loyalty program. This first-of-its-kind product is now honored at 20,000 independent hotels in 170 countries worldwide.

Since launching the hotel loyalty program, IBC has developed additional hotel services and software for independent and boutique hotels. These solutions address the following challenges:

  1. RevPAR optimization. IBC enables independent hoteliers to compete with larger corporate chains for online bookings via Google and metasearch channels at much lower rates than online travel agents and brands. Additionally, IBC generates incremental bookings via its consumer website.
  2. Operations management. IBC gives independent hotels access to a cost-effective hotel CRS connects with many existing CM/PMS/RMS systems and offers a reporting dashboard, purchasing interface, invoicing system and more.
  3. Soft brand benefits. Independent hotels are disadvantaged against large brands and chains. With IBC, they gain access to hotel-friendly options including a guest loyalty program, discounted hotel supplies, and hotel marketing services.

IBC will continue to innovate by integrating new technology connections to our platform, adding new soft benefits and services to our offering, and by improving the user experience for both the hotelier and guest.

Where we are now:

IBC Hospitality Technologies is growing now more than ever.

The IBC platform provides a robust solution to the day-to-day challenges of independent hotels who must compete with large corporate chains and maintain profitability against thin online margins.

IBC offers two solution packages to help independent hoteliers with comprehensive business solutions. With the Optima and Omni packages, hoteliers can access all the business tools they need. The Optima package helps hoteliers regain control of bookings, and can be up and running in just minutes! The Omni package is IBC’s all-inclusive, comprehensive package for independent hotels.

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Where we are going:

At IBC, we are dedicated to helping independent hoteliers succeed. We will continue to stay on top of industry trends, implement the latest hospitality technologies, and develop unique, cutting edge solutions to help hoteliers maximize RevPAR and maintain independence.
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“Brands are fine institutions but I’m not ready for an institution. IBC provides hotel services and support without mandates.”

Freddy Domnic Dass, General Manager, Springs Hotel & Spa