BITAC, a hospitality business operates Hotel Interactive, a source for online hotel news. They recently posted an article featuring IBC Hotels and their growing success. The articles focuses on how the hotel network is gaining incredible traction with independent boutique hotel owners because of the competitive advantage that independent hotels have against the traditional franchised brands. The article also highlights quotes from Pamela Barnhill, president, founder and COO of IBC Hotels and InnSuites Hospitality Trust. They recognize that part of the reason for IBC Hotels tremendous growth is the simple approach to fees. IBC Hotels has an ala-carte menu of services, in order to allow independent hotel owners complete customize-ability for their services.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

New Membership Organization for Independent Properties, IBC Hotels, Reaches 2600 Properties hotel interactive

Posted on March 18th, 2014 by Hotel Interactive.

“InnDependent Boutique Collection (IBC Hotels), a wholly owned subsidiary of InnSuites Hospitality Trust, is excited to announce it’s 2,600 properties. Many of the new properties coming on board are the result of a long-term marketing agreement with the Independent Lodging Industry Association (ILIA).

This new hotel network is making incredible traction with independent hotel owners because of the competitive advantages they are seeing against the traditional franchised brands in their markets. The booking system and loyalty program, InnDependent InnCentives, allows hoteliers to flex their power in numbers, a first for many of these hotels.

Pamela Barnhill, Founder of IBC Hotels, states “We are extremely excited to bring a international membership network to the industry that allows independent and boutique hotels to succeed in markets that are saturated by large hotel brands.” She continues to say, “Having run independent properties all my life, it is IBC Hotel’s mission to give independent hoteliers access to resources that will allow them to reach occupancy and rates that are on par with franchised brands.”

Part of the reason for IBC Hotel’s tremendous growth is the simple approach to fees. The main reason independent hotels don’t join franchise brands because the fee structure doesn’t pencil out. IBC Hotels only charges 10% of booking that come through the brand’s booking channel.”

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