Lizanne Falsetto is currently a world renowned speaker, philanthropist, foodie and nutrition enthusiast. Lizanne host’s a weekly radio series for Sirius radio called “Female Rock Star Entrepreneurs.” The program features female CEO and entrepreneurs with interviews on financing, marketing and networking. Lizanne has a unique and inspiring page on her website where she summarizes these radio interviews and highlights women who are pursuing their dreams, building successful companies and changing the world. Lizanne Falsetto recently conducted a radio interview with Pamela Barnhill. Pamela Barnhill is the President and Founder of IBC Hotels Founder and also serves as President and COO of InnSuites Hospitality Trust. She is an active board member of the Independent Lodging Industry Association who advocates for, owns and operates independent hotels worldwide. The interview covers everything from Pamela’s favorite business quotes to her advice for starting, growing and funding your own business. If you are interesting in starting a business, or are currently an entrepreneur, make sure to read the entire interview for great tips from a successful CEO and entrepreneur, Pamela Barnhill.


Below is an excerpt from the interview:


Posted on May 8th, 2015 by Lizanne Falsetto

“What anecdotes do you have that you think our audience can learn from (specifically in the area of Starting, Growing, and Funding a business)?

The simple act of starting was difficult for me. I am a perfectionist and would continually find reasons not to start for fear of failure. Growing has been more fun but takes different skill sets especially involving my ability to hire, train and manage to my dream. For funding I’ve not sought out the big money yet and again this goes back to my starting dilemma as I haven’t done it before and I’m afraid of failure. At the crux of it all, find people that will champion and push you. I have been fortunate to have my family and a handful of friends and colleagues who do that for me

What do you find important on your path/journey to becoming and being a successful entrepreneur or CEO?

I am a big proponent of collaboration and consensus to drive team’s success. I’m constantly surprised by people that don’t treat others the same way. It is important to keep a positive attitude with your eyes open, follow your gut, persevere and always treat others with respect. The world is a small place.”

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