Savvy Travelers

So what happened to cause this industry to shift away from a true engine for commerce with people on both sides of the equation, to that of a system of reservations with seemingly little regard for humanity?

As the industry has been swinging away from its roots and toward that of a monolithic, corporate revenue engine for decades, there’s something on the horizon that will cause the pendulum to correct itself once again: technology backed by people who care.

Industry experts are taking notice and bringing to life emerging technologies which will bring good ol’ fashioned commerce back into the hospitality industry. This technology will connect the consumers of travel with the independent and boutique hospitality providers they seek in a way that brings value to all, much like the pioneer days when social and commerce were a single idea.

Savvy travelers will no longer have to rely on few, select sources but rather, be provided with myriad options in an industry built on such a concept. And savvy travelers will find one another once again.

Platforms such as Seekda and IBC are bringing hoteliers, travelers and accessible marketplaces together for all to realize just how valuable they are to the travel equation. It’s an interesting time for the hospitality industry and these big, sweeping changes will bring a much needed platform for the future of travel to launch. Stay tuned…

– by Pamela Barnhill