Welcome to the newest IBC Partners

At IBC, we’re always working to add more value for our members. Our three latest partnerships with ICE Portal, Birdwell Sargent, and Refuse Specialists continue that effort. We are very excited for the new opportunities that these new IBC Partners will bring.

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Now it is time to introduce you to the newest IBC partners.

1. ICE Portal: Distribution of hotel photos to 11 million visitors per month.IBC Partners : ICE Portal

ICE Portal technology helps hotel owners and travel suppliers manage and distribute their photos, videos, and virtual tours to thousands of sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Google, and Facebook. With a special price for IBC members, ICE makes sure the visuals appear in the right size, format, and speed to look their best for visitors.

2. Bridwell Sargent: Commercial real estate financing for capital investments.

Maintaining your property can mean big investments to complete construction, upgrade buildings, and improve guest service. Bridwell Sargent specializes in commercial estate financing. Their broker services are now available at a 25% discount for IBC members.

3. Refuse Specialists: Savings and insights for efficient trash removal.

Refuse Specialists is a consulting firm that helps hotel owners pay less for trash hauling and recycling expenses. Their expertise helps owners save an average of 40 percent. Not bad, right? Refuse Specialists will also provide a monthly audit of your removal-related expenses to make sure you never pay more than you should. IBC members now have access to these services at a discounted rate.

If you’re already an IBC member, you can take advantage of these new partnerships today via your member dashboard. If you need help or have questions, email support@ibchotels.com.

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