Did you know that two-thirds of all hotel bookings begin with a Google search? And did you know that Google has a special program available only to hotels? This great new tool is called Google Hotel Ads.

That’s right. Google Hotel Ads is a new product designed to reach exactly the customer you’re looking for. And, until recently, it was only available to major chains. Now, you can access this exciting new program as an IBC member. Here’s what you can do with Google Hotel Ads.

1. Let guests book a stay right from their search.

google hotel ads

Google Hotel Ads

With Book on Google, when guests search for hotels, they’ll see your property in their search results and can reserve a stay at your property right away. The best part is that they can do this from any platform (desktop, smartphone, or tablet). Google processes the transaction. You just manage the guest services side by sending confirmation emails, handling changes to the reservation, and preparing the guest for their stay. 

2. Reach users wherever they search.

In addition to appearing just below the paid ads in a user’s general list of search results, Google also places ads alongside searches in its Google Maps and Google+ applications on desktop and mobile devices. No matter where users are looking for hotels, Google makes sure they find you.

3. Display available prices and room bundles right away.

Your search result will display your hotel’s nightly rates and available deals, so guests know immediately that your property is available for their dates and in their price range. This is done via integration between your property management system (PMS) and IBC’s demand generation platform.

4. Analyze your success from your demand platform with Google Analytics.

Google and IBC collect data about users who search and click, giving you insight into how to tweak your campaigns for better conversions and better use of your budget. Even if you own multiple properties, you can drill down to individual locations to see how your ads are performing.

How to get started with Google Hotel Ads.

Google ensures that guests have everything they need to know about your property right at their fingertips. This ensures the guest is ready to book right away, keeping revenue away from the high-cost OTAs.

Ready to take back control of demand? Get started here!