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In our continued commitment to helping our member hotels grow their businesses, we are pleased to welcome three new partners to IBC. Did you know that membership is free? It’s quick and easy to join. Request a demo today!

Here are three of the newest benefits you’ll gain as an IBC member.

1. Get a $25,000 cash advance for online marketing. SpotOn-3

SpotOn Financial offers a business loan alternative known as a merchant cash advance. A merchant cash advance can be used for online marketing, hotel renovations, facility upgrades, or additional advertising. The approval process is quick, and you can get funded within a matter of days.

Learn more about alternative hotel financing. Contact SpotOn Financial today!

2. Eco-friendly cotton towels for hotels.   IBC Membership

Jaden Fabrics is the only U.S. distributor of 100% green cotton towels. This is the only industry towel that is 100% green and backed by a U.S. patent. The cost is cheaper than non-green towels. Switch today to save money and save the Earth! Learn more.

3. Long-lasting LED lightbulbs with a 10-year warranty.  IBC Membership

Curtis Mathes provides LED 9.5 W light bulbs that replace a standard 60W bulb. The bulbs come with a 10 year warranty and last for 22.8 years. Learn more.

With IBC membership, you can access these new benefits through your member dashboard. For support or more information, email

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