We’ve just returned from the InnDependent Lodging Executive Summit (ILES) at HI Connect and, wow, are we buzzing from a great event. In its second year, the summit moved to Nashville, Tenn., where it was hosted within the world-famous HI Connect hospitality conference and tradeshow.

If you were unable to attend this year’s show, we don’t want you to miss out on all the important lessons and learnings offered up during the sessions.

Here are three of the top hotel marketing trends discussed at this year’s InnDependent Lodging Executive Summit at HI Connect.

1. Pay attention to social media and online review sites, especially Tripadvisor. pinterest graphic

Are you managing your guest relationships in social media? What are your guests saying about you online? How are you addressing questions and concerns?

Social Media is the new customer service center and it is visible to everyone. It takes proactive management of social media to provide a truly unique guest experience.

2. Personalize remarketing and follow-up efforts to improve the guest experience.

Many corporate hotels and large chains are now owned by banks and financial institutions. True boutiques and independents can separate themselves by providing a personal touch to a guest’s experience that a chain cannot provide.

The only question then is: Do you have access to your guests’ contact info, or is it being hoarded by the OTAs?

3. Reclaim 15 percent of topline revenue each month by ditching the brand network.

If you’re in a tier 1 or tier 2 destination city and you’re property is a member of a brand network, you may be throwing away 15 percent of top line revenue each month!

Major cities have plenty of demand from personal and business travelers. There’s no reason to pay a brand to fill your hotel when you can easily drive bookings through new online channels.

Let’s talk! You can drive more online bookings with IBC.

These hotel marketing trends are transforming our industry rapidly. IBC is working to ensure independent hoteliers like you can keep up.

We’d love to share how IBC can help you thrive as an independent hotel. Contact us today!