Companies like Google, Expedia, Booking, Tripadvisor, Instagram along with a growing number of review consolidators and technology providers have allowed the boutique and independent hotel industry to quickly gain traction.

Travelers love that these anti-chain establishments offer a personal experience to fit their lifestyle. Boutique and independent hotels are often preferred to as opposed to a chain or large cookie cutter branded hotel. The element of the unknown along with a little “known” (thanks to reviews and social media) makes a traveler’s stay different from the average chain hotel experience.

What do travelers expect from your independent hotel besides the expected cleanliness and well-maintained facilities? How can you meet and exceed those expectations? Here are five customer service tips to help your independent hotel succeed.

Top 5 Hotel Customer Service Tips:

  1. Loyalty programs. Eight out of 10 travelers consider a hotel’s loyalty program and rewards Top 5 customer service tipsopportunities before booking. With IBC’s guest loyalty program, independent hotels don’t have to miss out on these bookings. 
  1. Local culture and authentic feel. Travelers pick boutique and independent hotels over chains for a reason, display local culture in your decor, service and recommendations. Tailor your hotel’s ambiance to your location.  Regularly showcase a local musician or artist.
  1. Tech services. Boutique hotels have to stay up to date with technology in this fast paced tech world. Make sure to have current tech services, such as device and entertainment autonomy, free wifi, and technology business centers.
  1. Excellent online booking experience. More than half of all travel bookings are made online. Make sure to display all room and rate options on your website. You can do it with IBC’s hotel booking system.
  1. Personalized customer service. Don’t let your travelers just be another guest. Putting your customers first is the key to everything in the hotel industry. Connect before they arrive to anticipate their needs, be friendly in your interactions, excel in your customer service and help your guest feel important.

Today’s traveler wants something different, distinct, fresh, local: something with personality.

Independent hotels have a flexibility that chain hotels don’t. Help your guests lodging experience be as memorable as the activities and sights they are there for. By implementing these hotel customer service tactics, your independent property will see increases in revenue, bookings and guest loyalty.