Social media is an invaluable digital marketing tool and a great way to reach new customers and maintain excellent customer relationships.

Most of your guests or potential guests are on social media. Social media allows you to engage with customers and followers in a unique way and share unique experiences and content.

Social media is now part of our day-to-day life and many businesses are taking advantage of that. The travel industry especially is booming on social media through images and video.

With aesthetically pleasing images and inspirational quotes, you too, can reach new potential guests and build your following.

  1. Share quality content. Social media isn’t about self-promotion. It’s about providing value to your followers. How can you provide value? Share local travel tips, restaurant recommendations or cultural insights. The best strategy is an appropriate mix of self-promotion within these value content posts.
  2. Utilize photo and video. For 2017, Facebook has a goal of making 85% of the content video based. Share high-quality images of your hotel or the surrounding area. Utilize video and display your personality! High-quality photo and video will help you gain exposure, increase followers, and reach potential travelers. After all, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”
  3. Offer special promotions and rewards. Oftentimes travelers follow specific hotels or resorts with the hopes of learning about special rewards. Make sure to regularly promote discounts or deals without bombarding followers. Offering rewards and promotions will give your guests and followers something to look forward to and increase loyalty.

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