Direct bookings make the difference.

Every independent hotel wants to increase direct bookings. Why? It cuts out the middleman, brings the guest closer to the hotel, retains more profit and increases brand loyalty.

So if this is the ultimate goal for most independent hoteliers, how is it accomplished? One of the most effective and appealing ways is through hotel loyalty programs.

Most are familiar with the basic premises of a loyalty program. Travelers can earn a form of points for staying at a particular hotel, these points are then redeemable for rewards.

8 out of 10 travelers consider a hotel loyalty program before booking with that hotel. *

83% of satisfied loyalty program members say they “definitely” will recommend the brand and hotel. *

These statistics speak for themselves. Loyalty programs work. But are hotels using them effectively?

Loyalty programs help motivate guest purchasing decisions. Hotel loyalty programs now rank fourth in the top deciding factors when booking a hotel. It’s important for independent hotels to understand key parts of a loyalty program that make them most effective and appealing to travelers.

However, without the manpower and resources of a chain brand, independent hoteliers oftentimes have more difficulty implementing successful loyalty programs. InnCentives powered by IBC is here to help!

How To Use Them:

It’s important to implement a loyalty program that rewards both you, as the hotel, and the guests. This means providing the hotel with all guest information from loyalty program members and targeting more direct bookings for the future.

Also, you need to give your guests what they are looking for, valuable rewards. Implement or utilize a loyalty program that is user-friendly for your guests, provides you with full guest information, drives direct bookings, and offers redeemable rewards.

As an IBC Member, you can get your full rate while rewarding travelers for booking with your independent hotel. Learn more here.

*Statistics pulled from ICE Portal