Advanced Hotel CRS

Take hotel operations to the next level with IBC’s advanced hotel reservation system!

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Managing online distribution. Growing repeat business. Cutting operating expenses.

The independent hoteliers who founded IBC know these day-to-day challenges of independent operations. We built the IBC hotel reservation system to help you meet these daily challenges from a single, elegant web interface.

  • Integrate with existing tech, including 50+ CM/PMS/RMS and 100s of PMS.
  • Optimize from your admin, reporting, and business intelligence dashboards.
  • Streamline ops with product purchasing and automated invoicing platforms.
  • And maximize RevPAR from Google and meta with IBC managed distribution.

The world’s most powerful hotel reservation system and CRS for independent hotels is getting even better!

PMS/CRS/RMS Connections

Today, you have to enter and re-enter data into countless pieces of hotel software – PMS, your website, Google, meta sites, OTAs, and more. Or, you have to pay a big fee to a hotel CRS vendor and input data there after you input it into PMS.

With IBC’s hotel reservation system, you enter data once and it’s immediately distributed across all relevant consumer demand channels. That’s because IBC connects to hundreds of PMS, CM, and RMS systems through direct connections and through partnerships with SiteMinder, Seekda, Vertical Booking, Omnibees, and more.

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Reporting Dashboard

The admin, reporting, and business intelligence dashboard within our hotel management software provides a 360-degree view of consumer demand for one or multiple hotel properties. Log in at any hour of the day to manage data and access reports on bookings, revenue and more from all relevant online channels including Google, metasearch channels, GDS/OTA, and more.

The simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to analyze data and key performance indicators at a glance, all in one central dashboard.

Product Purchasing Interface

IBC is the go-to hotel supplies purchasing platform for independent hotel operators. Through our partnership with Source1 Purchasing, we provide you with access to 700+ corporate contracts, including Quaker, Best Buy, Sara Lee, Nestle, and many, many others.

Invoicing Platform

On the first of every month, our hotel management software generates an invoice displaying all transactions including bookings, cancellations, InnDependent InnCentives program, and other value-added services. The invoice breaks down taxes, booking amount, commissions, customer information, etc. and can be printed or emailed directly from the dashboard. The platform can even be customized with a particular management group or representation company’s logo and email for additional services.

Image Library

Travelers rely heavily on images before booking their trips. How can you get your visual content in front of the right people? Through our partnership with ICE portal, IBC puts your visuals in front of 11 million unique visitors each month. Our hotel management software automatically optimizes photos, videos, and virtual tours for distribution to sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Google, and Facebook to name a few.

Premium Booking Platform

Break the OTAs’ grip on your revenue and increase direct bookings from Google, metasearch, optional GDS services, and more. IBC offers independent hotels new sales channels that don’t kill RevPAR.

And the best part is that we manage distribution for you! Simply connect with the IBC platform and we’ll manage your Google Hotel Ads and metasearch PPC campaigns. Learn how we maximize RevPAR for independent hotels.

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