Guest Loyalty Program

Get your full rate while rewarding your guests for booking independent.

guest loyalty programFinally, a large global guest loyalty program that actually works for independent hotels and experience-driven travelers!

InnDependent InnCentives guest loyalty program rewards your guests for supporting independent hotels. And it doesn’t cost you, the hotel owner, a dime for ibc reservations or force anyone to figure out how to convert hotel rewards points to free nights.

Hotel Loyalty Program

The best part is that our hotel loyalty program is completely free to implement for IBC member hotels!

• After a guest stays 12 nights, IBC pays for the next night at any of our 20,000 member hotels.
• Hotel receives full rate! No missed revenue. No blackout dates.
• Retain all guest information in order to build repeat business and regain your distribution.
• Add and track guests who book outside IBC with InnCentives premium guest loyalty program.

Give your guests more at no cost to your hotel. Ask us about our InnDependent InnCentives hotel loyalty program. Contact us today!

“Brands are fine institutions but I’m not ready for an institution. IBC provides services and support without mandates.”

Freddy Domnic Dass, General Manager, Springs Hotel & Spa