Hotel Signs & Stickers

Post an IBC or InnDependent InnCentives sticker on your front window and fill that expensive box that help the old brand’s sign to let your guests know you’re proudly independent.

Hotel Stickers:

Looking for a great way to show that you value guest loyalty and membership while increasing walk-in traffic? Show your sticker on your front door, window or high-traffic area of your hotel today!

  • 85% of global travelers prefer booking with a hotel that is a member of a group or association.
  • 72% of global travelers prefer booking independent and boutique
  • 89% of global travelers value free night rewards.

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Hotel Signs:

hotel sign

Are you ditching your brand flag and going independent? You don’t have to remove the expensive box that held the old brand’s sign.

As an IBC member, you qualify for a hotel sign with your own independent brand identity or IBC messaging. You will never have to settle for a drab display, now you can show unique your property is.

Your new flag will tell both the public and your team that there has been a positive change at your hotel. And the best part is you’ll never have a brand tell you to put a bag over your sign again!


Allen Industries is IBC’s preferred exterior signage partner. Let Allen Industries work with you to design your signage. Interested parties should contact Allen Industries hereunnamed


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