Instant Messaging for Hospitality by Beekeeper

Beekeeper provides a hospitality instant messaging program for all employees, regardless of geographical location. The Beekeeper founders realized that despite the many available solutions on the market, businesses still struggled to find a high quality and engaging tool for staff communication. The founders of Beekeeper wanted to help employees who are geographically distanced bridge their location gap and keep everyone in the company up to speed. Beekeeper’s vision is to connect the unconnected. Companies with a large number of non-desktop workers face the challenge to integrate them with the rest of the organization. Beekeeper bridges this gap.

You can customize it, set up automated messages and create internal communication streams – endless opportunities for making communication more simple, efficient and keeping your team more engaged and ultimately happy. Beekeeper helps you to reach and connect everyone in your company. No corporate email or mobile number are required for login. Employees love Beekeeper because the user experience is modeled after the way we communicate outside of work.

Instant communication, increased engagement, real-time measurement, smart automation, full customization, and integration with external services are all aspects of Beekeeper that will benefit and increase productivity for your company.

Beekeeper take’s security seriously by providing these security measures:

– All connections to Beekeeper servers are TLS encrypted

– Beekeeper performs security audits regularly with respected auditors

– You are in control of who has access to your data

Beekeeper is used across 400 hotels in 100 hundred countries. Beekeeper’s mobile-first strategy drives employee engagement. Hotels that implement Beekeeper are seeing an average of 2.9% reduction to their yearly turnover rate and boosts as high as 27% to worker productivity. Beekeeper is the ultimate hospitality instant messaging tool that your team will love.

For more information, please contact us:

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