Lost and Found by Chargerback

Chargerback streamlines and helps automate the entire lost & found process

Chargerback is a single, end-to-end, solution for lost and found.
Never suffer with a manual, time-consuming, lost and found process again

Chargerback can handle everything from:

  1. Entering lost item reports – These can be entered directly into the system by any staff with access to the internet or directly by the guest through a free web-form we provide.
  2. Entering items located by your staff – This includes helpful information such as when and where located, who found, and a detailed description.
  3. Matching lost items to their guests – Powerful search capabilities make it easy to narrow down items in the system by description, date entered, location found, etc.
  4. Notifying staff and guests of updates – Easily send emails automatically personalized with item and/or guest information either to lost and found staff when an item is reported missing, or to a guest when an item is found.
  5. Generating pre-paid shipping labels – The guest can either pick up the item in person or pay a nominal fee to have the item shipped to them. If they want it shipped, Chargerback will automatically generate a pre-paid shipping label staff can use on free boxes from the post office.
  6. Recording the disposition of items lost and not claimed – Not every item will be claimed so you can record if or how an item was disposed of.
  7. Generating useful reports – Such as lost items reported, items returned to their guests, and disposition of items not yet claimed.


Getting started is easy:

  1. There is no cost to you to use Chargerback – If a guest wants an item returned they pay a nominal fee (often $9.95) which includes the cost of shipping the item back to them.
  2. There is no software to install – Chargerback is a web-based service so you or the guest can securely access what they need from any computer in any location. Each staff member can be assigned login information and you can also choose their level of access (enter information, view lost items, etc.)
  3. We provide a webform you can easily add to your website – This allows your guest to quickly and easily self-report a lost item, saving everyone time and effort. Since it is located on your website the branding is all yours.
  4. Businesses can often be up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

Whether you are Looking for Something Lost?™ or Looking for Something Found?™Chargerback is your “go to” solution.