Virtual Concierge Services by Conciergo

virtual concierge services

Conciergo provides Virtual Concierge Services delivered when guests access your hotel’s wifi network

  • Conciergo brands your hotel with your logo and links to your website or reservation system with it’s virtual concierge services. 
  • Conciergo answers your guests’ questions before they are asked, freeing up your front desk for other tasks.
  • Conciergo provides your guests with information about your hotel, helpful local information and valuable discounts.
  • Conciergo is ABSOLUTELY FREE to both you and your guests.

Conciergo’s virtual concierge services utilizes the high wifi utilization seen across many hotels. WiFi has become the number one desired amenity in hotels. CONCIERGO is designed to deliver this amenity to guests in a format that not only provides added value and enhances the guest experience, but also fosters brand loyalty for the hotel and saves valuable time of the front desk staff. The team at CONCIERGO has over 70 years of combined experience serving the hospitality industry, and is well positioned to provide this premium service at no charge to hotels or their guests.

Skip Alden, CEO

Co-founder of the recognized, Hotel Savings Directory, Mr. Alden is also the creator of, a convenient hotel lead source for domestic travelers that delivers relevant information via website, mobile app, and complimentary print publication. With an innate gift to anticipate, translate and communicate his customer’s needs Alden went on to develop his Front Desk Training program educating hotel staff on reservation capture and conversion. Alden’s visionary and analytical skills and first hand knowledge of the markets needs has driven his continued success.

Paul Becker, CFO

Mr. Becker is recognized as a reputable and results driven business executive and entrepreneur with exceptional leadership skills and a proven track record of developing and assisting successful start-ups and established enterprises. As the founder and owner of Bluewater Vacation Homes, Mr. Becker generates multi-million dollar revenues for his clients and delivers services to nearly 20,000 guests annually.

Bob Day, Partner

Mr. Day is President of Robert Day Enterprises, Inc. which has published the San Diego Better Business Bureau Directory of Accredited Businesses since 2001. With innovation and entrepreneurial drive Mr.Day helped develop Going to Maps which evolved further into co-creation of Going to Publications, parent company of the recognized Hotel Savings Directory and has a continuing role as contributing partner in Mr. Day has consistently been acknowledged for his record sales performance, exceptional sales management skills and team building ability.

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