LED Lighting by Curtis Mathes

For over 50 years Curtis Mathes has developed technology that touches life at every moment, day and night. Life is always on at their company.

“Advanced on the inside. Simple, stylish and smart on the outside.”

The company provides stylish, affordable and effective LED lighting options for your hospitality industry. With great rates and high quality products, the company is one of the top leaders Curtis Mathesin the lighting industry.

The company’s BIG idea is pretty bright for independent hotels. As he replaces the usual bulbs with more efficient and effective 9.5 W bulbs, Curtis Mathes uses an innovation inspired by real life needs. This company stands for great values and excellent customer service.

The company provides LED 9.5 W light bulbs that replace a standard 60W bulb. The bulbs come with a 10 year warranty and last for 22.8 years.



For more information, please contact us:

email: sales@curtismathes.com

website: www.curtismathes.com  Curtis Mathes