Lodgiq with IBC ONE

IBC ONE is a revolutionary revenue management system designed for any hotel, anywhere in the world.

Through the power of machine learning, IBC ONE processes market-specific data in real time to produce optimal room pricing you can act on in a single click. Without the dependency of PMS and CRS integration, you can be up and running today.

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Why IBC revenue management technologies? In today’s marketplace, hoteliers depend on valuable market insights to price competitively and maximize their revenue. The growing amount of data makes it difficult to turn noise into valuable, revenue-generating knowledge. Through the use of machine learning, IBC’s revenue management tools can process multitudes of market-specific data to deliver optimal  and actionable pricing recommendations.

What’s the difference between IBC ONE and IBC RMS? Which one should I choose? IBC ONE is the first revenue management system of its kind to distill all the basic functions of revenue management into a single, easy to navigate screen. You don’t have to be a seasoned revenue management professional or have a large hotel property; IBC ONE is made for any hotel of any size, anywhere in the world. IBC RMS is for larger hotel properties looking to advance or maintain their current revenue management strategy. IBC RMS includes advanced BI reporting capabilities, in-platform team collaboration features, advanced price optimization tools, and integrated rate push capabilites.

Will I need to integrate my hotel software with IBC ONE? No, IBC ONE operates independently of CRS or PMS platforms. Simply launch the instant sign-up to select your property. choose your comp set, and you’re all set.

Are there any hidden fees or upfront cost? For IBC ONE there is no implementation fee. You will be billed a flat-rate of $129 per month plus applicable sales tax. There is no penalty for cancellation. For IBC RMS, there will be a one-time integration fee and the billing rate is determined by the services you select. Please contact us for more property-specific pricing.

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