REVPAR Solutions

Bypass the OTAs with managed distribution that lets you take back your revenue and guest data. 

Given the current landscape, it’s tempting to give up an oversized portion of revenue, valuable guest data and even one’s independence to OTAs and brands in order to grow business and compete against large chains. But it’s not necessary. OTAs kill your RevPAR.

Break the OTAs’ grip on your revenue and increase direct bookings from Google, metasearch, optional GDS services, and more. IBC offers independent hotels new sales channels that don’t kill RevPAR and hotel ADR.

And the best part is that we manage distribution for you! Simply connect with the IBC platform and we’ll manage your Google Hotel Ads and metasearch PPC campaigns.

When you choose IBC’s managed distribution services, you pay a small monthly fee and a percentage of new bookings and never sign a long-term contract. Plus, you gain full access to every guest’s contact information to fuel your marketing efforts, not a brand’s or OTA’s

Maximize RevPAR with IBC. We deliver:

  • Greater visibility via your 24/7 reporting dashboard
  • Easy onboarding with personalized service
  • No risk – You don’t pay until the guest stays
  • Professional management of your CPC bids and budgets

“With IBC, we increased occupancy, hotel ADR, and REVPAR! Thank you IBC for making my job much easier.”

Larry A. James, Ohio House

Here’s how nine independent hotels experienced up to 57x ROI on CPC campaigns with IBC.

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Maximize RevPAR with Google bookings from IBC.

Did you know that 68 percent of all hotel bookings begin on Google? Grab a larger slice of the search pie with IBC.

Our partnership with Google drives traffic and bookings by putting you front and center. You’ll reach travelers across Google platforms including Gmail, Search, Maps, Hotel Finder, and Google+, and on any device. Stand out to travelers by displaying pricing, room bundles, features, amenities (like free Wi-Fi and breakfast), and unique offerings (like wine tasting events and loyalty incentives).

And you’ll keep track of it all from within your IBC central reservation system (CRS).

meta search channels

Maximize RevPAR with meta channel bookings from IBC.

The average traveler visits 27 different sites before booking a room. If an independent hotel is going to compete with the big guys, connectivity is key.

By connecting to more channels than any other independent hotel solution, IBC’s hotel reservation system ensures your property is optimized across these channels so you don’t miss an opportunity. And we do it all without killing your RevPAR and hotel ADR.

You simply enter rate and availability data once into your hotel reservation system and it’s distributed immediately across all relevant booking platforms and destination management systems. Plus, our distribution reach increases your global guest reach and significantly enhance bookings.

With the IBC hotel reservation system, there’s less effort on your part, fewer mistakes, more bookings, and a higher RevPAR!

IBC hotel reservation system

Take back your bookings with a premium booking engine.

Travelers want to book online. Your hotel website and booking system must facilitate online bookings or face the RevPAR impact of losing them to the OTAs.

By adding two simple lines of IBC code to your existing website (or by using one of our no-cost mobile-responsive websites), you get:

  • Seamless integration with 100s of PMS, CRS, and RMS systems
  • Automatic email reminders, including retargeting on abandon
  • Guest add-ons like cancellation protection, local activities, and car rental

Ready to reclaim your bookings? Learn more about the IBC hotel booking system.