Compare IBC to your current Solution and see how much you could save.

Members, Collection, Affiliates. It’s all the same.

The Memberships are coming up with new ways everyday to make it seem like you are not giving up your independence. But at the end of the day, it’s still a long term agreement to have them charge you for something that can be done a lot more cost effectively. Remember, at IBC, no long term commitment, same great systems, same great benefits. So which “name” are you overpaying for?

Just because it comes over your brands res system, does it really come from the “brand”.  

Take a look at your most recent franchise statement. How many reservations were from an OTA?  Repeat guests you referred to your website via your own local sales and marketing efforts? If you are like us, you’ll see it’s more than the Brand wants to admit. Let us show you what you could be saving.

Already an independent? Great!

You know the freedom that comes with controlling your own destiny. But with that comes all the responsibilities of making sure your product is not only represented in all the right channels, but done so cost effectively. That can be very expensive if done wrong, and even worse, very detrimental to your top line if not done at all. Let us show you what all the services we offer could add up to if you spent the time to mange each individually versus what you can get all in one place with IBC.

Combine 3 companies into one and drive revenue and profit! We are here to help independent hoteliers like you. Schedule a demo to learn how. Make the right choice for your hotel, choose IBC.

“With IBC, we increased occupancy, ADR, and REVPAR! Thank you IBC for making my job much easier.”

Larry A. James, Ohio House