Wellness and healthy living trends are on the rise. Within hospitality, there are two types of travelers represented by trends: those who travel specifically for wellness and those who simply want to remain healthy while on the road. As an accommodation provider, you should be aware of these trends in order to cater to potential visitors:

Outdoor Activities

They provide an opportunity to combine wellness with nature. These activities include hiking to a scenic location for meditation or yoga or tai chi in an outdoor setting. The good news is that direct and indirect exposure to nature has proven to have significant positive impacts on people’s mental and physical health.


Yoga is part of a healthy lifestyle and is a considered a peaceful way to exercise. It’s also a legitimate form of physical activity that provides participants with a wide range of health benefits. These benefits include: weight management, lower blood pressure, better memory and improved sleep quality. Offering yoga classes at your property gives you a leg up when it comes to wellness appreciation.

On Demand Fitness

On Demand Fitness is a new trend and takes the work out of walking to a hotel gym. It gives guests the ability to workout from the comfort of their own room. Properties let guests customize their workouts and choose from a diverse library of inspirational workout videos. Based on a Cornell Research Study, 46% of guests plan to use a hotel fitness center but 22% them actually do for various reasons. On Demand Fitness provides these guests with an alternative to using the fitness center.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea is an important part of the day for many people. The desire for better coffee and tea is something that guests value. Providing coffee and tea that is organic, free from chemicals and less acidic puts your property ahead of the game.


Travelers are interested in eating healthy these days. The hospitality industry is now stepping up to the plate and many accommodation providers feel the need to facilitate wellness and health. This includes providing food full of vitamins and nutrients that energize and revitalize. Healthy vending machines are an easy and convenient way to provide these services. In the future, accommodation providers will have access to technology which will let guests receive their nutritional profile and provide meal recommendations. Eventually, guests will even be able to receive personalized meals.

Wellness Hotel Rooms

The future of the industry, would give hotel guests space for recovery. Rooms would be designed for the best night sleep and would include a soundproofed environment, providing a calm atmosphere for guests looking to relax. Another trend on the rise gives guests the ability to perform voice search in rooms. To find out more, click here.


Travel brings people together to create a community. A new trend, communal spaces, give guests areas to meet up in social areas such as juice-bars, outdoor fire pits, guided meditations, communal harvest tables for shared meals, and spacious spa amenities such as steam rooms. Besides focusing on community, the hospitality industry is increasingly focused on making commitments to sustainability. To find out how to Increase Sustainability at your Hotel, click here. Wellness Trends within the hospitality industry are continually repositioning their offerings.  It’s important to prepare your property to become a place where wellness is valued and part of the culture. To find out about more Tips to Help You Prepare for the Hospitality Industry in 2019, visit our blog.