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Mar 18, 2019

The Importance of Using Metasearch To Drive More Direct Bookings

Metasearch and metasearch engines are known as aggregators of information. When a potential guest is in the research process, metasearch engines act as a separate website that takes queries from visitors. These queries are used to produce search results based on other search engines. They are updated in real-time. Essentially, metasearch has streamlined the entire search process, making hotel rates and availability easily accessible. Results provided are filtered according to rate parity. This is the legal agreement between online travel agencies and hotels to make sure all rooms are labeled correctly on each engine.

Why Metasearch is Important in Order to Drive More Direct Bookings

  1. Property information can be found easily
  2. Metasearch is at its most beneficial if associated with another booking engine
  3. Travel metasearch engines make it easier to compare options and find what suits the requirements of the potential guest
  4. Metasearch engines produce results that fit guests travel budget and meet specific requirements

Metasearch within the Hospitality Industry


Online travel agencies (OTA) sell rooms directly on their website and allow hotel owners to pay commissions to them. OTAs are the key to online distribution for hotels which include small accommodation providers. Online travel agencies display and sell hotel rooms with information, rates and photos. Prospective guests can book their desired hotel from the website. Metasearch helps travelers compare room rates from OTAs and other booking sites in one place. Metasearch and OTAs work together to achieve online exposure and increase bookings for independent accommodations. To read more about OTAs, click here.

Customer Reviews

Metasearch websites amplify the online presence of a property and create additional advertising for that same property. Accommodations showcase their brand and have the ability to create an online community with guests. This is done through customer reviews, ratings and photos. To learn more, click here. Before booking, hotel guests read between 6 to 12 reviews. Metasearch sites know this and make sure to add a review option. To Understand Your Guest’s Booking Behavior, read these 3 tips.

The Metasearch Process

When advertising a property on a metasearch platform, a hotel or independent accommodation can “bid” for ad placements of keywords. A hotel may bid on the “phoenix hotel” to show up as a top result. This process can become expensive, so it’s important to make sure that each click is worth its cost. Many customer touch points exist during the booking process. Make sure that guest’s interact with your brand through its own marketing initiatives. This type of engagement often leads to direct booking through a website. It gives digital marketers the chance to retarget lost website visitors with more relevant and enticing offers, such as PPC or social media. To learn more about retargeting, read 3 Reasons Why Retargeting Increases Direct Bookings. Marketing your independent property can be challenging and time-consuming. To make it easier, IBC has developed a proven Digital Marketing system for every accommodation type. Take Back Your Bookings with IBC’s MetaLogic today!